Rob has had an array of coaches throughout his career with all sorts of ideas and philosophies. Certain coaches want it done an exact way so that coach can use that as a feather in his cap and prove his way works. Other coaches have made it sound like if you don’t have a Aeronautical Engineering Degree, you won’t be able to play the game. The best coaches Rob was around always had the same common theme: They never forced a certain way or idea upon you, they gave you information for you to decide for yourself.


The one constant Rob has always stuck with in regards to his training philosophy is focus on developing 2 key areas: 1) The Mind / Mental approach, and 2) Concepts (absolutes) that all great players employ. An instructor’s knowledge AND experience is what drives a player’s ability to learn, understand, then apply to be successful in this sport. One without the other just won’t work in baseball because it is such a mental game as it is physical.


We strive at Red Alert Baseball to give you information (The Why) behind what we say by utilizing both knowledge and experience so you can have a complete understanding of why you are doing something. Doing something without meaning is absent minded work and absent minded work accomplishes nothing. If a coach/trainer doesn’t give you a meaning to why you are doing something, be very cautious of that coach/trainer. We are never afraid, and even often encourage players to challenge us by asking questions about what we are teaching them because this is what helps a player truly understand what he is doing. Great school teachers challenge students by asking them why and making them explain it. In baseball, it should be the same way. Players should have the knowledge base to articulate what they are doing rather than simply showing a movement or saying “someone told me to do this.”


An instructor’s knowledge AND experience is what drives a player’s ability to learn, understand, then apply to be successful in this sport.


The mental side, to Rob, is what separates the great from the average. The great players always seem like they guessed right, always in the right spot, always delivers in the clutch, etc. The mind is such a powerful tool and if used right can really increase a player’s potential. Baseball, at the most elite levels, is based upon patterns and tendencies. If a player can decipher the code if you will, he will have a better understanding of what is going to happen, putting himself in a better position to succeed. With all this talk about mechanics in hitting, pitching, etc, a baseball player gets caught over-indulging himself in it and not letting his true abilities shine thru. Most of what we do in this game is a trained reaction.


Rob conducting a baseball clinic in Allentown, PA.

Rob conducting a baseball clinic in Allentown, PA.

Learning and understanding when to think about how our reactions are occurring is the separator. For example, touching something very hot. Your body automatically removes your hand as soon as it feels it. That’s a reaction. Now just imagine when you put your hand on something hot and try to think about what you want to do. You better have some first aid available to you quick! Your swing works in the same way. If you get caught up worrying about your mechanics in the moment, it is too late and you are beat. Your mind needs to be focused on what can help slow down the moment and understand what is coming at you. This enables your reaction (swing, pitch, etc) to really shine thru in the moment. Think about your reaction when training. Let that trained reaction just happen during a game. This is just a small sample of developing a better mind for baseball. We will help put not just your body, but your mind in the right hitting position.








As Albert Einstein said it best, “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


In regards to mechanics, we don’t define, we refine.  That means we are not going to turn everyone into a bunch of robots. If you are not comfortable, you will not have success. Now having said that, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to achieve greater success. There are certain absolutes or movements that great players have in their swing, delivery, etc that make them successful. Then there are styles which surround those absolutes to create a unique look for that player. What we do is make sure the absolutes are being incorporated so that player can maximize his physical ability. The only time we would tweak style would be if it was interfering or blocking an ability for an absolute to work effectively and efficiently. One thing doesn’t work for everyone as Rob has seen both in his own career and other player’s careers. We strive to work with what you already have and make YOUR way better.