The Amateur

The Amateur

Building a solid foundation and footing is imperative as an amateur player. Without that, it is impossible to pursue dreams of playing at the elite levels. Here at Red Alert Baseball, we have the tools and experiences you need to start building a great career. We offer the following disciplines for Instruction:

  • Hitting
    • Mechanics of the Swing
    • Building Routines
    • Creating a Better Approach
    • Creating a Clearer Mind
    • Physical Training
  • Catching
    • Mechanics of the Position
    • Running a Game / Leadership
    • Calling a Game
    • Building Routines
    • Arm Care
    • Physical Training

We have multiple ways to get you the information and instruction to make your game better.

  • Online Video Analysis
    • We cover not only mechanics but will go over mental side as well
  • Private / Group Instruction
    • Our location or we can travel to you
  • Baseball Manuals (Click Here)
    • Become a better player by becoming a smarter player


Draft Consulting

Another area of concern for amateur players is the decision to enter into professional baseball or stay and continue on to play amateur baseball. This decision is NOT to be taken lightly as this will affect the rest of your life, not just baseball but your entire life. Here at Red Alert Baseball, we have seen so many players at the pro level who have made the right decision also those who have made the wrong decision to enter into professional baseball. With our nominal flat fee we will be your 3rd party advisor on helping you navigate this incredibly life altering decision.

  • We act as a 3rd party so we can give you straight up non-biased information. We do not act as a recruiting tool for either pro ball or college ball. Remember, both sides that are wanting you are going to tell you how much they want you, not necessarily tell you what you need to know.
  • We will not give you an answer as to which way to make a decision. Any company that makes a decision for you is someone who is in it for another reason. We will help you put everything out on the table and think about your life overall, not just baseball.
  • We have many relationships with people that have made decisions to go to pro ball out of high school and college and of those that made both the right and the wrong decisions. Our experiences with dealing with so many people and hearing their stories are what help other young players and families realize what they should do.


To learn more about how we can be of service to you and our rates, please contact us.