The Professional

The Professional

Playing in the big leagues is the pinnacle of a young baseball player’s career. Here at Red Alert Baseball, we will help navigate your journey to help you see those dreams come true and continue on for a successful career. With all the data and metrics that are compiled in baseball, we can enhance your abilities not only with your mechanics, but your mind and approach. The higher you get in pro ball the more it becomes a mind game. We have the proven experience and resources to assist you. We offer that in several ways:

  • In Season evaluations
  • Off Season mechanics/approach adjustments
  • Baseball Manuals (Click Here)
    • Become a better player by becoming a smarter player.
  • Full Year Client Package (Your own personal coach)
    • Customized plans to enhance both your mind and your mechanics
    • Off Season training at our location plus tune up before Spring Training
    • Video Analysis both off season and in season
    • Communication throughout the year
    • On-Site visits during the Season
    • And More!

*Confidentiality Agreement* 

We understand the difficulties a professional player takes and risks when going outside of an organization for help, so we do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. We sign confidentiality agreements with all our players meaning we will not go out and promote you on our sites for our gain and jeopardize putting you at risk with your team or org. Your career is our number one priority and we set this standard to show it.

To learn more about how we can be of service to you and our rates, please contact us.