Various Hitting Articles *Continuously Updated List*

Various Hitting Articles *Continuously Updated List*

Becoming a better baseball player is a constant learning process from seeing how the most successful guys do it. I was always a guy that feasted on information on how the best guys in the business went about their process. With today’s technology, it is a lot easier to learn about what truly makes Major League guys successful. I wanted to capsulize a place where all great articles are in one spot so you can always go back to freshen up on an idea or remind yourself about a key point. So please enjoy reading some very well written and insightful articles from various resources, some including video and data.

A smarter player makes a better player. – Rob Bowen

Fangraphs Article on Various All Stars and adjustments (Mental & Physical) that made them successful.

Bleacher Report Article on Edwin Encarnacion and changes he made physical and mental, including some great data of his changes.

Blue Jays Article on Bautista and Encarnacion and some changes they made including statistical data of them.

Article (Well Video) on Kris Bryant explaining changes he is making for the 2016 season.

Chicago Tribune article on Kris Bryant explaining his changes to flattening out his bat path for more success.

Bleacher Nation article on Kris Bryant and changes he makes to his swing.

David Ortiz and Jose Bautista talk about their leg kicks and cues for their swing (Video Interview).

Article on the mechanical and mental adjustments for Hanley Ramirez 2015 to 2016. Changing his mindset from not trying to hit homers made his production numbers shoot up from ’15 to ’16. Also getting more control of his leg kick and movements in his swing making him feel more compact.

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