An Article to Read if You Want to Build a Winner.

An Article to Read if You Want to Build a Winner.

As I read many baseball articles, I always tend to forget most of them after I read them. Most talk about stats or why a player should get this money or that money, etc. Then I come across this article and realize just how much it truly moved me because it can’t be any truer to how to develop into a great player and team. A lot of times, especially in today’s game, we tend to discount the value of a veteran and experience in a dugout and clubhouse. David Ross, who I got to play against a few times, is the prime example of why having veterans who have some very valuable experience should still be in the game. The can teach, mold, scorn, and guide young players and help develop a winning mindset for a baseball team. He is a winner.

Team Chemistry is an intangible that just can’t be graded on paper. Everyone is looking to build that great team by numbers but sometimes that blend of intangibles with numbers is how you create a winner. And the Cubs are just proving everyone that this is the model for success. The Cubs have old guys, young guys, guys with big numbers and guys with not so big numbers. But they are all there for a reason, even if they don’t have the big career numbers, like a David Ross. David is a catcher who has played for a very long time, worked with so many great pitchers and studied hundreds upon hundreds of hitters so he has an intangible that can help those young guys, and even older guys become better than what they are now. Learning how to grow and develop is not an exact science. It is trials and tribulations from growing pains and joys. A David Ross has endured many of those successes and failures in his own right so he can share those ideas.


Well that is enough for a precursor, enjoy the article! You are sure to get a good laugh and also want to go out and start working on your game.



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