8 Keys to a Great Swing

8 Keys to a Great Swing

There is no secret a good mechanical swing is needed to have sustained success. But even more a consistent swing is needed. The baseball swing is a succession of movement patterns which feed off the previous movement, much like a cascading waterfall. If one of those previous movements isn’t done, the rest of the succession falls apart. Each movement is vital & dependent on the previous one for it to work efficiently & effectively. These essentials are what you will find in every quality major league hitter. Build your own style & approach utilizing these 8 keys for a better overall swing & complete hitter.

Everything that is built around these elements are what you would call style. For example the load. There are lots of ways to load and each hitter will have his own style to load based on factors such as playing time, strength, flexibility, mobility, situation, etc. The only time style should really be altered on a hitter is if it is creating problems with one of the elements needed in a swing. Let a hitter play around with different styles to find something that is comfortable to him and supplies him with enough confidence that his swing feels loose, quick and powerful.

In conclusion, create your own style with these 8 essentials and blend them with good rhythm and timing while staying under control and you will have yourself a great swing to start incorporating into the game. But don’t forget to use our 8 keys to hitting consistency to make sure that great swing really gets put to good use!

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