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What is Red Alert Baseball?

Red Alert Baseball was carefully developed to identify and address the pressing issues of taking a baseball player’s career to the next level by incorporating a strategic blend of experiences, mental and physical training, metrics, and mechanics. All of the services offered are based upon learning more about yourself and the game – not just physical fundamentals.

How we achieve this process is by utilizing three core concepts.  And they are:



We dive in to study and learn the ins and outs of a player/team/org to create a plan of attack.



We present tailored information from both experiences at the highest level possible along with science driven data.



A culmination of proven training concepts, advanced knowledge levels, superior experiences and tracking progress to create the ultimate end product for a player/team/org.

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Who are we?

Red Alert Baseball

Here is a quick glimpse into our company and Founder, former Major League Catcher, Rob Bowen.

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